Snail and earthen cup as bokeh

Point of View in Photography

When the viewers of your photographs, exclaims “WOW” looking at your photograph, in most cases, they feel that they are inside the frame, not just looking at it from outside.

That’s what you should consider about, and think on how to create that kind of frame.

Banana On Ground

If it’s a landscape, they feel that they are standing there, right in front of the gigantic mountains, or getting sprayed by the waterfall they are looking at.

if it’s a portrait, they feel that the person is looking straight at them. You have to bring that effect in your photograph.

Therefore, let’s find out how to do that in your frame. Or at least, let’s find out one way of doing it.

To make a frame immersive, what I do is, I go lower and closer!

The technique is simple – the lower you go towards the ground, and the closer you go to the subject, or the base of the frame, your point of view goes lower and more to the centre, giving the feel that you are looking from there, inside.

Leh market after snowfall as a POV frame

This technique, also makes the background out of focus, called a bokeh effect, reducing background noise or distractions.

If you look at the photograph below, and compare it with the one above, you will probably notice what I am talking about background distractions.

Leh market after snowfall, but not POV

Both of these photographs were clicked at the same place, one after another, but with different angles.

Which one, do you thing, appeals more?


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