The Way You See It

The doorbell rang, and I cursed that damn over-active person who invented electricity!!
I was feeling quite relieved that our cook decided to bunk her duty today, otherwise the doorbell would have slapped me off my bed almost two hour earlier than now. I looked at the clock, and after half-a-minute of trying to focus and re-focus my eyes at that, I was pretty certain that my clock hands were pointing at the 9 o’clock!
I tried hard to feel guilty for waking up so late, but the stupid guilt goes to vacation on almost every Saturday, and never comes back before the irritating Monday morning. Damn, I am spoilt!!
So, I just went back to the bed, and started enjoying the luxurious “nothing-to-do” state. But, you know, I told you that an insane person had invented electricity a long ago, and there have been many more consequent inventions, and one such is called internet. So, I picked up my phone and turned on my WiFi – not my fault, you must understand – It’s called “progress”!!
The first thing we all do now-a-days is to check how others are doing, from such platforms where it’s impossible to understand how they are doing!! Humans!! But, you know, we are social animals, and thus, to make sure I am a part of it, I opened WhatsApp to waste my time further.
And this whole time, from forcefully being waked up in the morning to this how-to-spend-my-time moments, I was wondering if I would have the power to slow down the time so that I can waste more time at my leisure. And the only person who can stop time, or in that matter stop a lot more things, in our generation, is the great Rajnikant. And coincidentally, it was Rajnikant’s birthday.
And, it was also the birthday of two more persons who are very close to me. One of them is now out of my reach, where I can’t wish him a happy birthday in person, so, I browsed my WhatsApp contact list to wish the other person a very happy birthday.
And, when I opened the contact, his WhatsApp status surprised me! It read – “At a juncture where birthdays mean a year less to live”.
Well, there are three kinds of words for me – one that just goes past me, no impacts; another that makes me think, deeply sometimes; and the final one is the one which holds me at one place, dumbstruck, and shakes me at my root after I regain sense.
And those words fell into the second category.
We are from that lucky generation where birthdays are documented and remembered by a lot of persons around us, for various different reasons, and celebrated in many different ways, in more than one time. The generation of our parents were not that lucky, or unlucky, in this matter, and the generation of our grandparents is the one when no one bothered about even remembering birthdays! How cool!
Being a part of the last generation after which humans started evolving towards robots, I have experienced my birthdays to be special and celebrated every year, in a human way. From my 5th birthday to 10th, I guess my birthday celebrations meant my mother cooking me my favourite dishes, my grandma doing the same with another set of my favourites – I am not going to focus on what happens on the next day – and my dad gifting me a sports item that I thought I secretly dreamt of. And yes, the 5th and 10th ones also experienced a bunch of my friends gathering at our home, enjoying the lunch and a one-and-a-half hour of cinema session by watching an animation flick. Bliss!! Well, the next 10 years, the core activities remained same, my glutton nature growing stronger every time. Well, of course there were other celebrations as well – different in school days, different in college days and different in work life. The type of celebrations changed, however, the fun never subsided!


was not until around 25 may be, when the thought of “ageing” first
crossed my mind. Was it early?
it was not until very recently that it dawned on me that birthdays
are, in a very obvious and plain way, linked with death as well.
maybe I am getting older, or getting wiser, or both! And probably
that is the reason that I have already got this on my own recently,
those words fell into the second category, not in the third.


nonetheless, it made me think.


words that were troubling me the most were “a less year to live”.
And thus, the most important question I was searching the answer for
was how do I know how many years I am going to live!


friends around me knows that I am quite a philosophical person
sometimes, spreading a lots of “gyan”!! And one of them is so
irritated with my “gyan” that she wants to kill me every time I
open my mouth, even to take a bite of my food!!

yes, I am quite experienced when it comes to “life”. Dealing with happiness, sadness, pleasantness and unpleasantness, and so on.
I am not an expert when it comes to “death”!


I am not sure about when we will die. And therefore, I couldn’t
calculate (though that’s nothing to do with my absolute incapability
with mathematics) how much more or how much less we are going to live
as I don’t know the last day, I couldn’t subtract.


I didn’t get the answer of the question, however, I got another
insight while searching for the answer.


may not know how long we live, or when we die, but a single day spent
on the thought of that is a day less to live.
sun will rise, and set, the moonlight will mesmerise the lovers who
could never be together, the gentle breeze will nourish the green
grasses which have seen many journeys on many directions – and all
these will continue even after we cease to exist.


one life, it’s ours to spend, it’s ours to spend well – so that
when we go, we will never be able to count our lives in days, rather
we could remember it as a bundle of memories and moments.


a juncture where birthdays mean one more year of existence”.


5 responses to “The Way You See It”

  1. “At a juncture where birthdays mean one more year of existence” – I like this optimism within the daily life struggle. The struggle itself is the proof to our existence. Thank you for sharing such a nice piece. Really enjoyed every line to it. Read couple of time,and for couple of days. Every time it reveals another layer. Nice work.

  2. "The struggle itself is the proof to our existence." – a damn valuable insight. And yes, probably it's also a constant effort to be optimistic throughout the days, and nights, but what other choice do we have!! 🙂

  3. This is definitely one of those good writing of your. What I understood is here you tried to defend someone's( who is your favourite) pessimism towards life and expressed it in a optimistic way.So, thought of changing some of yours as well.
    Two things I wanted to mention here. First, u mentioned that u are absolutely incapable of mathematics which itself is a pessimistic statement.Instead of that "You got less opportunity to explore the field of mathematics " gives a positive sense.
    Second, you have used a narration to ornament your writing like"moonlit mesmerize the soul who can never be together" again sounded pesimistic.The reader mostly like to read something where they will get some positive hope. So if you would write something like" moonlit is mesmerizing the lovers who are missing each others or "waiting for each other to meet again" kind of sentence gives a optimism to the mind of the reader.

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